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    Blue- knightor warrior  Empty Blue- knightor warrior

    Post  Nemo on Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:48 pm

    knightor (blue)- Focused on one enemy
    attack abilities
    1) zenith strike- a strike that hits one thing, for everything in the area around it the dmg is done to the original target is dispersed to the other monsters
    2) triple strike- strikes three times on one person
    3) disarm- knocks weapon out of monsters hands (or cuts claws ect. ect.) to reduce dmg done by monster
    4) sealing strike- seals abilities for a short time
    Party skills
    5) flag enemy- flags a monster that everyone else gains increased attack and cast speed against that enemy
    6) stall enemy- stalls one enemy while stalled, neither you nor the enemy can do anything
    7) taunt- makes one enemy attack you for a short time
    8 ) blinders- puts blinders on your teammates so they do more dmg and attack/cast faster the longer they target 1 target, but when they switch targets get a few second debuff slowing attack/cast speed and reduced dmg and healing done
    self buff
    9) single target- the longer you attack one monster the more dmg you do to it, but the more you take from other sources
    10) challenge- challenge a single target- both charge at each other and select one of three moves the winner does 200% dmg to the other for (the three moves work like rock,paper, scissors)

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