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    Roughor: purple elemental warrior


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    Roughor: purple elemental warrior Empty Roughor: purple elemental warrior

    Post  Nemo on Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:07 pm

    Roughor: Buff attack, increased dmg

    attack abilities
    1) Rend Flesh: attacks have a chance of cleaving flesh making enemies slower
    2) Wounding strike: an attack that cause the enemy to bleed causing small dmg over time
    3) mocking blow: causes the enemy to attack you, it does more dmg to you but take more dmg from other sources
    4) surprising strike: an attack that has a high crit rate and does lots of dmg but raises the enemies def after words, and can only be used once per enemy
    Party skills
    5) Blood Lust- increase attack dmg and attack speed and movement speed, but greatly lowers both defense, and magic. only last for a short time
    6) battle cry: improves the moral of allies, causing them to deal greater dmg
    7)blood aura: passively increases your str and the str of those around you
    8)CHARGE!!: charges forward for a short distance and topples enemies over, slowing them and makeing them take more dmg for a short time
    self buffs
    9) The Price of Blood- toggle on and off- increase dmg but take dmg with each swing
    10) weapon proficiency: three kinds, one for each weapon type, increases dmg with that kind of weapon

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