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    Yellow-Shieldor warrior class


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    Yellow-Shieldor warrior class Empty Yellow-Shieldor warrior class

    Post  Nemo on Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:45 pm

    Shieldor (yellow)- Buff defense, decrease dmg
    attack abilities
    1) shield bash- hits enemy with shield and stuns for a little bit
    2) thorn mail- a portion of dmg dealt to you is reflected back on the enemy
    3) mighty guard- decreases dmg taken for a while
    4) spell guard- decreases magic damage taken
    Party skills
    5) take one for the team- links you and a partner, you take a portion of any dmg they take
    6) well grounded- reduces the knock back and chance that spells are intrupted
    7) Battle tactics- raises defense and chance of doge of all allies
    8 ) mocking laugh- makes enemies more likely to go after you
    Self buffs
    9) shield mastery: increases block chance
    10) Defensive Stance: greatly raises defense, but greatly lowers dmg, and movement speed

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