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    basic idea for the main plot


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    basic idea for the main plot Empty basic idea for the main plot

    Post  Nemo on Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:55 am

    ok so i think the main plot in most basic terms should be something like this. destiny has been asleep for millennia, and everyone thought that he had defeated Hírang ‘Du Byed (see history when its up). but lately destiny has been choosing people, the chosen ones to find his sword. this is because the power of Hírang ‘Du Byed has finally corrupted Destinies dreams and is starting to gain power again he is using a combination of destiny and his power to make a shadow version of destiny (see final bosses under monster section). the first thing that Hírang ‘Du Byed did was to revive his six generals of choice (once again see history when its up) so the first part of the game is too find information on how to get two the sword, this is done by killing three bosses, one on each of the three islands for the basic quests. after this you must kill the six generals of choice, and get there seals, with the six you combine them to make a teleporter wich takes you to the world where destiny is. here you fight Hírang ‘Du Byed who is in a shadow form. once you win you have purified destines dreams and as for thanks destiny gives you a usable version of the sword of destiny. note that this would just be the plot for the first game installment, we can add much much more

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