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    Basic idea for interface


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    Basic idea for interface

    Post  Nemo on Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:13 am

    Key interface:

    These nine keys on the far left of the keyboard, similar to the numpad, and the mouse, will be used to play the game, along with the number keys 1 - 0 at the top of the keyboard.

    ASD will be used for movement, A and D for left and right, W for jumping and climbing, and S for crouching and rolling out of harm's way.

    Q will be used to take a defensive stance, and
    E will be used to make a normal physical attack.

    The left and right mouse buttons will be used to select Red and Green targets, respectively. Red targets are often targets for damaging attacks, and Green targets are often targets of aiding techniques. Alternatively, one can use Z and C to cycle through all targets on screen, with Z cycling Red targets and C cycling Green targets.

    If you double click on a target with either red or green, it will notify all party members of your target, along with the color of target. Party members can simply press X to switch current targets to that new color.

    All skills can be set into the number keys 1 through 0, and ~ can be pressed to switch which palette is active. Skills will have a colored border, representing which colored target the skill affects. Certain skills will have a yellow border, meaning they affect both red AND green targets.

    An example of this is the Forcer spell "Gravtwist", which causes objects to fall with a slant, similar to a 1/x function. The spell function by causing the Green Target to move slowly, and then faster and faster, towards the Red Target whenever it is falling.

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