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    Everybody likes drops :)


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    Everybody likes drops :) Empty Everybody likes drops :)

    Post  Nemo on Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:12 am

    playing solo:
    Loot will drop from enemies. They might always drop exactly what you see them carrying - which would be sweet. A quest giver wants 5 spears, you kill the guys holding spears. you want some extra pocket change, you kill the guys with pouches on their belt. you see a see-through slime with a sweet sword in its belly, you rip that sucker right out.

    Playing in Groups:
    Trash mobs will drop the same as playing solo - and be randomly assigned to a party member (there will be an option to switch this up). How ever, bosses which can only be defeated by a party will Always drop one item for each party member(stashed in a chest)- and it will always be an item tailored to your current class. Thus there is never a reason to say no to dungeons! (unless you already have every item that boss can drop Very Happy)

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