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    Please turn your speaks up and click here while reading the first part, my hope is that the music will enhance the reading of the first part of the history: CLIC ME

    Names and Places:

    1) Important Races/Species:
    The chosen one: the race that the main character plays, they look human and for all intensive purposes they are human. what distinguishes them from normal humans is that they have the potential to wield large amounts of power and have limitless potential to change and gain power. they were once normal humans but they have been chosen by destiny to find the sword of destiny.
    Humans: they are what they sound like normal humans, they are the original race, but they only exist now on the space station Couruscould.
    Subspecies of humans:
    Anesldoraians: the people live on the world of Anesldora. there ancestors were once human but having lived many generations on this planet away from there origin, and because of the influence of the environment the people of this planet have become a different species of humans. the Anesldoraians generally have pointed ears and and thin and lithe. many of them have differing aspects about there body due to the pursuit of one form of magic over another. these aspects are usually unusual skin color, or skin patterns, (such as animal print). this is because they have found ways to change there body thought the study of magic.
    Darfageians: these are the people who live on the world of Darfage. they were once human also but having lived on this planet and its environment have slowly changed them genetically. the people who live on this planet generally have dark skin from living under the sun. the people who live here are generally stronger and there muscles are genetically superior to normal humans. because of the red sand that is around them that is used as the main ingredient in health potions, the people here naturally live longer healthier lives and are less likely to get diseased and poisoned. also because of there over exposer to the red sand all of there eyes are solid red with no pupils.
    Fjovirhelmians: these are people who live on Fjovirhelm. there ancestors were once human but having lived many generations on this planet away from there origin, and because of the influence of the environment the people of this planet have become a different species of humans. there are two species of humans on this planet, there major defining characteristics that they share are they are mostly blond haired blue eyed and fair skinned. the two major differences are a group of them are very short, usually between 2.5ft and 3.5ft and the others are very tall, as in 7-8ft tall on average. the taller race are usually found where it is colder and make great pirates and privateers, while the shorter people live stick more to the land and hold positions of political power. the taller people refer to themselves as Fjovirhelmians, while the shorter people refer to themselves as Fjovirhelmites.

    2) Important Galactic History/Historical Figures:
    The creation of Couruscould and colonization:
    A long time ago there was a planet of humans that circled the sun, the planet was called Loci Begynnynge. This planet was peaceful a place where everyone worked for each other, there was no greed, no evil, nothing wrong with it, it was an eden of human potential, there was advance technology and the study of the elements had brought them to the conclusion that the world was made up of six different elements. everyone did there part on this planet the one thing that was missing was the idea of choice, for everything was bound by destiny. this by no means made it an evil enslaved world of people, everyone was truly happy. that is except for one, one man who realized they were all bound by destiny. he could not fathom why no one else noticed that they were bound by destiny. and every time he brought it up to people they thought he was crazy and had no idea what he was talking about. through this he was outcast, and in his solitude he began to hate everyone and everything around him for it just showed him how everyone else was bound. he couldn't stand it any more, and and searched for a way to break the chain that destiny had on everyone. through he delving in forgotten lore he lost something of him self and now believes that the only way to break destinies hold over the world was to do something not predestined. he though that the best way to do this was to destroy the world. he decided to become the opposite of destiny and took on the name Hírang ‘Du Byed. Although he was crazy he was still very smart, and started an underground movement amassing wealth and followers. he slowly built his power and used them to help gather the items he needed in order to set his plan in motion. using ancient arts he started to pull the planet into the sun. With his powers he gave birth to six warriors of choice, they came to be known as the six generals of choice.
    up to this point no one had taken Hírang ‘Du Byed rebellion seriously. When the planetary movement was noticed six warriors were chosen by destiny to embody the six great elements. destiny and his six chosen warriors went and fought the six generals of choice. in the end all that was left was the final fight between destiny and Hírang ‘Du Byed. this fight waged on and neither one was giving an inch. finally destiny used his last ability and chained him self to Hírang ‘Du Byed. He bound Hírang ‘Du Byed inside of destinies sword, but by doing so he also bound him self. his body now sleeps for eternity ever watching over the sword and who is chained to it. although Hírang ‘Du Byed was beaten it was not soon enough to save the planet but it did give the people enough time to escape into space. The human race looked onward as there home planet fell into the sun. from where they were they built Couruscould. after they settled down they started to look for a new planet to settle on and call home. three planets were found with relative ease and they were settled on. these planets were called Anesldora, Darfage, and Fjovirhelm. after these planets where set up they found six more planets that embodied six elements. these planets where named after the six warriors who fought with destiny for the survival of the human race. Edictorum Ordines, Shaos Ataktos, Pomorum, Clochiminch, Chiornyidver, Ziznistocnik and Kildelivs.

    Now close the previous music widnow and open this one: CLIC ME!!!

    Important Historical Figures:
    Destiny: a person who wields large amounts of power over others. he has the ability to bind people to him and forge a purpose for them. He always had everyones best interests at heart. he believed that with out his help humanity would have destroyed itself, and through his work, everyone was happy.
    The Six Warriors Chosen by Destiny:
    Edictorum Ordines: the warrior of perfect law. all evil must be judged and brought to justice. he was one of the first worriers to join destiny. he is a blind old swords man.
    Shaos Ataktos (one of his 5 names): the warrior of chaos. out of all the warriors he was the one that everyone was worried about. he embodies chaos and change. no one knows his real name just some of the few that he goes by. his form and shape and name are constantly changing. in the end he proved a vital part of the plan to stop Hírang ‘Du Byed.
    Pomorum: She was at one point a very important priests who diligently did all that was asked for her and tried to live up to the teachings of the gods. she was pure of heart and innocent of body. This caused her to be in good favor with the gods and because of this the people placed great trust in her. because of this corrupt men in the temple decided to take advantage of her and her influence. the gods were not very happy with the men using there name and will in this way, and informed there devote servant of there evil ways and granted her great power to carry out there will and to purify the temples of evil.
    Clochminch: Was a Kelpie that ruled over many rivers. it liked to take on the shape of a horse but could speak and talk like a man. The horse's appearance is strong, powerful, its hide was black, but cold as death to the touch. its nostrils emit a fog, that creates powerful illusions that can have any number of effects.
    Chiornyidver: little was known of where he came from or why he joined the warriors of destiny. some believe that he came from the blackness of the void beyond the known planets, bound to destinies will. he is a being made out of darkness and people who have gotten close to him have all described his presence as cold and void but there was something about him that dragged you closer.
    Ziznistocnik and Kildelivs (two names one for each faction): he seemed like a middle age man, but his eyes shown with knowledge of having been around for many many years. He was all ways curious and always had to know how things worked. people believed that he had eternal youth and eternal life. there was great speculation on how he had gained these powers. some believed it was from black powerful magics because he used many forms of powerful magic, others thought it was from potions he drank, seeing as he was a master of all forms of alchemy. the one thing that no one argued over was that he was the most powerful mage in all the worlds.

    Hírang ‘Du Byed 1: the name chosen by the person born out side of Destinies power. after loosing his humanity he took the name Hírang ‘Du Byed. he is known to the people as the great evil that caused the changing of the worlds. he is responsible for the destruction of Loci Begynnynge. and he is the cause for all of the horrible changes that came after his appearance. these changes involved, war, strife, conflict, monsters attacking, and a decline in everyones happiness.

    Six Generals of Change:
    Novo: Novo was born from the little voice in peoples head where they think that certain laws are unfair, that laws should be changed. his powers came from this, he was able to nullify law and law abilities. he also can change the laws of nature to suit his will.
    Allasso: Was born from the change in chaos. he has no shape nor form. he exists in between realities. because of this he is able to attack with little fear of being hurt.
    Electus: Electus was born from the strife in theological arguments. he exists as the doubt that is in every holy mans mind that maybe his gods are not the right one, he is the reasons why people change religions. he casts doubt on people.
    Rogha: Was born form the rot and decay of nature. his very presence speeds up the aging, and decaying of objects. very little was seen of him during the the great war, but when he was seen he was a humanoid in shape riding on a pale ashen horse. he did not looked like much, but where ever he went death followed close behind.
    Vybor: he was born from mans choice to become evil and do acts of evil. he is very charismatic and has a silver tongue. he walks around in a full suit and people who listen to his silver tongue tend to believe in what he says and do things that he suggests even if they would not normally do it.
    Akhtiyari: he was born from the change in powers that came with age. his body is constantly changing from old man to newborn to adult to child, back to adult. he seems to be able to use his powers in order to control time of things around him.

    3) Important Figures/Governments:
    Enma: Enma is one of the twins that leads the main city of Anesldora. her powers over the arcane are quite formidable. her and her twin rule this city together, fairly and justly. she is the yin of the relationship. she is tall and has long black hair. she wears a robe of all black with white spirals on it.
    CIvit: Clvit is the other twin who leads the main city of Anesldora. his powers over the arcane are also quite formidable. him and his twin rule this city together, fairly and justly. he is the yang in the relationship, he is tall and has long white hair, and wears a robe of all white with black spirals on it.
    Malam: the leader of the main village of Darfage. he is black skinned and red eyed, he is of average height but larger in build. he caries a great sword on his back and is covered in many scars. he is bald. He runs the tribe of the desert for what is best for the tribe. everyone in the tribe believes that he is looking out for what is best for them.
    Callburn: named after the holy sword wielded by long forgotten heros. he brings about riotous fury to those who do not believe in destiny. he is tall and wears shinning white plate mail and caries a sword that mimics the night sky. he leads his city through the teachings of destiny.
    The Wizard: he is the mysterious leader of Couruscould. he has a messy mop of brown hair and wheres a brown suit. he always has a sonic water pick on him and he is able to fix most anything on couruscould. he is always fallowed by his female assistant. he interferes with the life of the people of Couruscould as little as possible. the people on this world are decedents of the original people on Loci Begynnynge. all of these people live how the people of olden days did, everyone for the greater good.
    Grigori: the leader of one major faction on the Ziznistocnik. he believes that through magic and dealings with supernatural beings will allow for the finding of eternal youth and immortality. all of his followers believe this too. they are fighting a war with Herbert East who does not believe in this view on the way to find immortality and eternal youth. Grigori is average height and very thin, his skin is very pale and he is very old. he has a long black beard and black hair.
    Herbert East: he is the leader of the other faction on the Kildelivs. he believes that through the use of science and alchemy as a way to obtain immortality and eternal youth. all of his followers believe that this is the correct way to find immortality. they are all fighting Grigori. no one knows how hold Herbert is, he is average in every way except for a slight waxy hue to his skin tone.


    Important Planets/Starports/Space Stations:
    Loci Begynnynge (past): The original planet where humans came from. it is refereed to only in brief passing and in mythology. myth says that it was an eden, where no one suffered and everyone was happy. The planet was much like ours but with no pollution or wars, or any thing bad, no radiation, and no natural disasters. the planets weather is much like ours is.
    Loci Begynnynge (Present): This is a former husk of of a planet is in the process of falling apart. most of the planet has been turned into debris and is floating around. the skies are black and there are many spacial distortions. the world itself is slowly being torn apart by the gravity and heat of the sun that it is inside of, only small patches are still safe do too magic.
    Couruscould: Is a space station that is in close orbit to the sun. it was put there and protected from the suns heat by Ancient magic. Only the ruler knows how to fix things on the space station. The entire thing is once massive city. Couruscould suburb hasn't been completely trounced: in the shadows of skyscrapers, streets are still lined with tiny specialist shops and bustling restaurants open late into the night; and you can still sense a bygone era. being the nation's center of politics, business, finance, education, mass media, and pop culture, Couruscould has the country's highest concentration of corporate headquarters, financial institutions, universities and colleges, museums, theaters, and shopping and entertainment establishments.
    N.A.S.A: N.A.S.A is the only short range interstellar transport. this is the place where people create new guilds and get transported to them. The guilds are in bubbles that orbit Couruscould.
    Anesldora:The city is in between the two major rivers. the climate is very wet and humid and a dense jungle surrounds the area on the out sides of the rivers. The area between the two main rivers is a vast swamp like area. the two rivers spawn from a vast mountain range near the polar north of the planet. the rest of the planet is covered in swamps jungles and and large lakes. the swampy land out side of the town, has many rivers blocking paths,, and old falling apart bridges spanning wide expanses of quick sand. the ground would be littered with lots of asian influence building that are in disarray and rotting and half sunken temples. the weather here is very hot and muggy with lots of rain.
    Darfage: A desert planet with no natural precipitation but is the only source of Mn al-Hayat (the red powder used for health potions) The planet has no surface water bodies, but open canals called qanats are used for carrying irrigation water under controlled conditions through the desert. the desert is made with layer upon layer of sand, gravel, clay, lava and ash. Most of the sand consists of fine-grained, rounded quartz, pumice, ash, and lava. The desert landforms of Darfage are shaped by wind this include sand dunes and dune fields or sand seas, stone plateaus, gravel plains, dry valleys, and salt flats. Several deeply dissected mountains and mountain ranges, many volcanic, rise from the desert. the planet is hyper-arid, with little vegetation. The northern and southern reaches of the desert, along with the highlands, have areas of sparse grassland and desert shrub, with trees and taller shrubs in dry valleys where moisture collects. there is almost no rain fall, and when it rains it only rains around the town, the desert never sees any rain. its is very hot and dry here.
    Fjovirhelm: the planet is defined by a few sections one is in the high lands which contains rugged hills, mountains, and eroded areas continuously broken by valleys and plain. The soil is often to thin and stony, with hard rock formation below the ground. in the lower region precipitation falls throughout the year, but in the winter it falls as snow. the main mountain range in this area is called the serpentine mountains. it consists of highly dissected mountains containing perennial. Many plants have difficulty growing in its serpentine soils. As a result, vegetation is often sparse and composed of specialist species that have evolved to grow in the potentially toxic and nutrient-poor serpentine soils. It supports a mixed conifer forest. at the base of this mountain range is a complex of foothills and narrow valleys containing fluvial terraces and floodplains, the slopes are covered in white oak woodland, Douglas-fir, grand fir,, ponderosa pine, madrone, tanoak, and chinkapin. the climate is cooler, but is more or less average. it does not get to hot during the summer, or to cold in the winter.
    Chiornyidver: the world is a desert that is the apotheosis of all deserts, huge, standing to the sky for what looked like eternity in all directions. It was white and blinding and waterless and without feature save for the faint, cloudy haze of the mountains which sketched themselves on the horizon. the desert is hardpan, and even the harsh winds that blew when night comes raise only an aggravating harsh dust like scouring powder. the land is scored with abandoned strip mines where greedy people once dug looking for precious minerals. the climate is blazing hot during the day, but gets very cold during the night time. there is almost no moisture in the air.
    Planeta Pomorum: most of the island are in a natural bowl shape. Much of the bowls low lying land has been sculptured by wave action, a result of the unusually large tidal flow. The low lying damp ground can produce a visual effect known as a fata Morgana. Fata Morgana mirages tremendously distort the object or objects which they are based on, such that the object often appears to be very unusual, and may even be transformed in such a way that it is completely unrecognizable. because of this effect and thick fog navigating the many islands is very hard. the islands are surrounded by wetlands. Typically the water is shallow and features grasses, rushes, reeds, typhas, sedges and moss. The climate is warm and moist.
    Edictorum Ordines: The land is covered in rolling grass lands, Big bluestem, Indian grass, and prairie dropseed generally dominate; heart-leaved alexander, Maximilian sunflower, and wood lily are typical forbs. the grass lands stretch as far as the eye can see. littered around the world are dense forests of enormous red wood trees. there is only one mountain on the planet and the and it reaches up into the heavens.
    Shaos Ataktos: The actual planet of Shaos Ataktos is about the size of pluto and it is made entirely out of a quartz like crystal. this normally wouldn't be a very interesting planet but at some point in its past a black hole formed near to this planet. at first the planet started to get sucked into the black hole, but the crystals started to absorb the power of the black hole and stabilized itself and now orbits around the black hole, while the black hole orbits around the sun. mages originally came to this planet, looking to research the absorptive properties of this mineral. but when they landed they found something else very strange about this mineral. because of its gravitational powers mixed with that of the black whole this world held many spacial distortions, and when they were exploring nothing ever stayed the same for long. the world seemed to be taking pieces from the other worlds around it.
    Ziznistocnik and Kildelivs (two names one for each faction): this world was once covered in rich grass lands and beautiful lakes. that was until many buildings built by the people who lived on Loci Begynnynge. once this was known may people rushed here looking for secrets of the past. this world was torn apart by war and greed. buildings were destroyed and the water dried up and the grass lands slowly faded away. the world was drastically changed by people trying to activate spells and other contraptions left by the beings of Loci Begynnynge. all that is left of this planet is ruins of old buildings and darkened skies, the few areas that are un touched by war, are protected by powerful magic.
    Clochminch: this planet is made up of forests and low rolling hills. the forests are deep, dark and old, weird stone statues have grown into the roots of giant trees. where there is space there are weird stone structures that don't seem to have any meaning but were left by the old ones of Loci Begynnynge. there are low rolling hills that have less tress on them. this is where the more complex stone structures are.
    Startor: this world is in a book and so it is simple and silly. the sun is always smiling, and the world is made up of colored sheets of paper with differing designs on them. and the inhabitants are made of folded paper. there are many streams and rivers, and tall mountains.

    Standard Units of Currency/Measurement
    Money: Gigagold, teragold, exagold, and ceteragold. 100 gigagold makes one teragold, 100 teragold, makes 1 exagold, and 100 exagold makes 1 ceteragold.

    Measurement: the standard unit of measurement is in Clic units. this will play no major part in anything.
    Major News and Information Sources
    Major News: at every major town there is a town crier who lets people know of anything important. From him you get weekly quests and he lets people know about interesting facts that our happening around the world. he will have rumors where if you pay attention and can solve his cryptic messages they will lead you too greater hidden treasures. He also says a lot of useless things.


    Technology and Science
    Interstellar Travel
    Short-range: Short range interstellar travel, is something that is only used in transporting things around Couruscould. there is not much use for this form of travel. The only real use that people have any more for short-range interstellar travel is the transportation of new members to there guild hall. this is also the only way to get to the guild hall until the guild builds a teleporter.
    Long-range: Long range interstellar transportation now is now done through a net work of portals that have been set up to take people from planet to planet. This was set up to try and negate the dangers of long travels through space.
    Modern: The modern mode of transportation is through portals. They are quick and easy and not dangerous.
    Old: The original form of interstellar transportation where space ships that mages created in the shapes of birds and fish. they were manned by many different types of mages and warriors, and engineers. the mages would supply the ship with propulsion, air, and food. the navigators would steer the ship and give commands, as well as map safe courses. the warriors were there to help protect and repair the ship if there was any damage done to the ship. these journeys would take many years but eventually led to the colonization of other planets.
    Archaic: not much is known about how the original beings on Loci Begynnynge traveled to other planets, although there is some evidence of them being able to travel to other planets. Any remains of spaceships from this are being researched by a special department in the Couruscould government.

    Interstellar Communication
    Short-range: short range communication can happen in one of a few forms, the first being telepathy, the other is space birds, they care letters through space from planet to planet.
    Long-range: Long range communication is very similar to short range communication. in fact it is the exact same.
    Couriers: the main mail system is run by one company called Pax Bnkik. Pax delivers messages through telepathy and through space bird. space birds only have that name because they are built in the shape of birds but in reality are complex golems. these birds travel at very fast speed through space and are able to enter and exit the atmosphere.
    Encryption Technology/Techniques: for true inscription people use telepathy. or you can write in code and have that sent through the birds.
    Hackers: there are two types of hackers both of which are mages. one of them if they can get close enough to the birds they are able to use magic to change its course since it is just a golem, this is very hard to do and requires a very special mage. the second type is even harder to find they are known as mind hackers. they have the ability to hack a telepathy spell and listen in. the ability to read someones mind isn't super rare but being able to do it with out other people noticing takes a lot more skill.

    Weapons, Common
    1) Hand-to-Hand: Basic weapons are grouped into many different types. there are edge weapons, point weapons and blunt weapons. from these there are one handed types and two handed types. these are just a few types of weapons.
    Edge weapons: dagger, sickle, hand axe, kukri, short sword, battleaxe, long sword, scimitar, flachion, glaive, greataxe, greatsword, guisarme, sythe, kama, bastard sword, double axe, double bladed sword,
    Point Weapon: punching dagger, spiked gauntlet, short spear, long spear, pick, rapier, trident, lance, ranseur.
    Blunt weapons: gauntlet, mace small, club, morningstar, quarter staff, hammer small, sap, flail, warhammer, great club, heavy flail, nunchaku, great flail.
    2) Projectile: there are very few projectile weapon types, where the verity comes from is from the type of ammo used. these are just a few types of ammo and weapons.
    Ranged weapons: Cross bow heavy, cross bow light, blow gun, javelin, sling, short bow, long bow, great bow, great long bow, cross bow hand, crossbow repeating heavy, cross bow repeating light, net, shuriken.
    Ammo: normal, dark, ice, law, holy, nature, fire, poison, shocking.
    3) Non-lethal: weapons and magic are always lethal cause your defeating monsters.
    4) Other: there are also magic weapons for mages, like totems, books, scrolls, wands, and staffs. there are also legendary weapons and spells which are different from normal weapons, they have there own special looks and abilities and effects.
    5)Large Scale: large scale weapons are not seen very much because most of them consist of groups of mages working together to cast huge spells. towns have catapults, and ballistas and other basic large scale weapons.

    Robots (Technological Standpoint/Purpose and Use):
    Robots: so since this is a fantasy setting there are no robots but there are golems which could be used as, seen as robots. so the golems are not a rare sight, but they are usually only used by the wealthy or powerful mages. the most common type of golem is used for carrying things and for menial tasks like gardening or cooking and the such. the government has made some golems specialized for combat. but as a wayward side affect of this is that there is a section of the government dedicated to golem research and failed experiments sometimes survive dismantling and so they head out into the world, these rouge golems are viewed as monsters for they hunt people and kill them. so destroying them is ok. the other problem is that there are factions who work for golem rights and break some of them out from time to time.

    Standard Technology
    1) Planetside: the standard technology that is seen every day, are things like stoves and the such. there is nothing to high tech in these places.
    2) Spaceports/stations: the technology that is seen in the space ports is a loading dock for short distance space travel, usually between the surface of Couruscould, and the guild bubble fleet.
    3) Starships: there is not much technology on star ships, most things are run by routine magic programs that steer and keep the ship moving to an object or orbiting around and object.

    Advanced Technology (not widely available)
    Things that are not widely available would be things that can be bought from special stores in the main cities but they only sell to people who has good reputation with the town, or faction they represent.

    Experimental Science (still in progress)
    This is stuff being researched by different factions for differing things. like immortality on Ziznistocnik and Kildelivs, or the study of chaos on Shaos Ataktos. from these places you can by experimental potions and spells that have a high chance of increasing something but usually its at a cost of something else. for example you can buy a potion from Ziznistocnik and Kildelivs that might increase your intelligence, but will randomly chose one of your other stats and lower that by a lot. where as on the chaos planet they are testing the influence and abilities of having body parts that can change. thus giving the users some powers of some of the monsters but they lose part of them selves. The army is working on producing half golems so that they can imbue the strength and other aspects of a golem into normal people. these things can be bought from different towns, but they are hard to find, very expensive, and very little of the are available, also they only sell these things to people who are highly favored by the factions.

    Illegal Technology
    The only technology that is band is that from the people of Loci Begynnynge. anyone caught with technology of Loci Begynnynge with out proper permits from the governments will be taken as criminals and be held and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. even with these rules in place, people still sell Loci Begynnynge technology on the black market and make a lot of money off of it.

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