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    How Levels Work Empty How Levels Work

    Post  Nemo on Wed Sep 29, 2010 4:48 pm

    So how levels work is that you start out with 10 lvs of Noob (which don’t count towards max lvs) you then get 10 lvs of either sneaker, smasher, or cloaker. Then you get 20 lvs of one of the six elemental classes. At this point you are lv 30. After this you take another 10 lvs of a basic class (sneaker, smasher, or cloaker) after this you take another 20 lvs of a different elemental class (cannot be of the opposite element of the first elemental class). After this you should be lv 60. Than you get a combination elemental class and you gain sixty lvs or so in this class. So max lv would be around level 120.

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