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    Ideas for abilities for the roota (remember this is the last class ter)


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    Ideas for abilities for the roota (remember this is the last class ter) Empty Ideas for abilities for the roota (remember this is the last class ter)

    Post  Nemo on Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:01 pm

    G/G (claoker/smasher) : roota: roots him self so he cant be moved, uses vine wips

    so first off this class roots it self when it attacks, it can attack with out rooting its self but it looses alot of the bonuses it gets from being rooted. when rooted the class can not be interrupted while casting spells because it cant be moved. when it is rooted it regains mana and health at a constant rate because it is drawing nutrient from the ground around it. when rooted it also can not be knocked back or moved from the place where he/she is rooted. from here the player starts to turn into a plant, and the final ability would be to fully turn into a magic tree for a while(more on that further down) ok so abilities that this class gets are the ability to root other things to the ground till the roots are take enough dmg and disappear, this is true for teh player who rooted himself too, if the roots take enough dmg then they will die and disappear. if this is cast on a monster they can not move, good for enemies that have to get up close to attack not so good on caster monsters because they benefit from not being able to be knocked back, this can also be cast on players, once again good for mages because they cant be interrupted but bad for mele classes because they cant move. the roota's arms turn into vines so they can attack from a farther range, with this they can apply any of there grappler effects from a long range with vines. now the rooter has another ability, what type of soil they are on when they root effects them. if they are on snow or ice, there vies are blue and they turn blue, there vines do ice dmg and have a small chance to freeze, they take less dmg from ice attacks. also they gain more mana but less health because there is less dirt. if they are on fire rock type stuff then they get more health regen but less mana cause there is less water and more dirt, they do slight fire attacks and might burn the enemies ( like in pokemon) and they take less dmg from fire dmg. if they are in a swamp they do poison lots of poison dmg but gain less mana and health because nothing is healthy. if they are on normal ground they just gain the base benefits, if they are in like a forest or a jungle they gain tons of health regen and no mana regen and there attacks do slightly more dmg because they get bigger with the nature element. if they are on holy ground they gain more defense but lower dmg and average mana and health regen, if they are on chaos land, they get a random benefit, if they are on law they do more dmg but take more dmg and have average mana and health regen, also if they are on magic type soil then they do arcane dmg and take less magic dmg and have no health regen but tons of mana regen. so there final ability is they fully turn into a plant with vines and flowers on top and the such, they loose all there normal abilities while in this from but gain special ones, they gain vine storm, they wip there vines around them really fast doing aoe dmg in an area around them, they get root movement where they can move while rooted but at half normal speed. they gain double the effects of what ever soil they are on, they ar constantly emitting a pollen around them that gives out a random status effect. they also get a normal vine attack, and they get solar beam where they channel for a a few seconds then release a huge beam of sunlight that hits in a large line infront of you.

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