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    what the dark city looks ilke


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    what the dark city looks ilke Empty what the dark city looks ilke

    Post  Nemo on Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:13 pm

    ok so i would like this dark city to be built into the sides of a giant strip mine. i picture a giant circular hole in the ground with wooden path ways connecting levels and the buildings built into the side of the wall. its very poorly lit here and no one knows how deep the pit goes. i would like things to be kind of like Blame!. Maybe not as advance but like that. also i would like the shape of the strip mine to look something like one of these: minry diamond mine or Daivik mine but with buildings in the walls. It is a place of vast immigration, from countries of overpopulation and poverty. While immigrants crowd the city, the indigenous petite bourgeoisie moves to the suburbs or to the "off- world" as the case may be. Abandoned buildings and neighborhoods in decay adjoin highly populated, crowded old areas, themselves set next to new, high- tech business districts.

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