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    Geography of the chaos world


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    Geography of the chaos world Empty Geography of the chaos world

    Post  Nemo on Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:35 pm

    there is no set geography on this world, everything is in constant flux and is covered in a black mist. No i am not getting lazy i just think that this would provide an interesting dynamic to have a world where it either takes random maps from the other world. for example, on either side of a main city we can call the maps map1a and map 1b (one is on the left side of a city and the other is on the right) so when you leave the main city on the chaos world if you leave on the side where map 1a should be, it takes a random map 1a from one of the other worlds and places it there, if you leave the map and come back it will be a different map 1a. so we could either do this or use cameron/wes's random map generator to create random maps, and everyone could fly here cause of the black mist, meaning that everyone could get to the exit no matter what or we could figure out a way to make it so you could always get to the exit.

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