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    the Guild system Empty the Guild system

    Post  Nemo on Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:06 am

    Guilds: In Coruscould there will be a building called N.A.S.A(New Alliance Submitting Area) where guilds meet and it is where you register a guild, and it will also take you to your guild hall in space.

    Guilds will be built on small floating island in space that will be covered by an air dome. they will be known as Guild bubbles. in the bubbles you can buy upgrades for your hall. build your own unique dungeon, put monsters in them, and have GVG battles.

    Guild Concepts: (these are tentative even though they say facts)
    Fact: Guilds are full of cool people you want to regularly form parties with.
    Fact: guilds are the easiest way to find large groups of people to do epic dungeons with
    Fact: guilds get space bases where you can auto-teleport, to repair, chat, and trade.
    Fact: Guilds can deck out their bases and engage in epic GvG battles for epic loot.
    Fact: the more guild members you have in your current party, the more options open up.
    Fact: for example, with 10 uild members in one party, the leader can call down space lazers.
    Fact: with 20 - guild walker mechs which leaders move and the members fire weapons
    Fact: GUilds can tax a small % of money members loot to purchase these rewards.

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