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    Ideas on slots Empty Ideas on slots

    Post  Nemo on Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:26 pm

    Alright, so Here are the body slots that have previously been discussed (perhaps not to all present parties, but feh)

    Head: Helmets, Hats, Bandanas, N1NJ4 masks, etc.
    Body: Armor and robes and other clothing
    Feet: Shoes (may be deleted)
    Shoulder (Usually Higher level): Cloaks, Wings, etc.

    While those work for the body, I think that every character should have two "Carry" slots for weapons adn the like.
    Smashers will likely use their two slots to have a sword/axe and a shield, or a big sword/axe/hammer, or perhaps two swords/axes. (hammers are too large, in my opinion, to dual-wield.)

    Sneakers will likely have two daggers, perhaps fight unarmed, or a combonation of both that ALSO involves Shurikens. and a Two handed quarterstaff.

    But what about cloakers? They can have a two-handed staff for magicks, but what if they just carried a wand? Perhaps then they could resemble the smasher. They can have TWO wands, allowing for minimum defense and maximum damage/casting speed or power.
    Or they could have a staff for both defense and offense, with a slow casting rate, but a higher damage max.

    OR they could carry the Cloaker equiv. of a Sword and shield. A wand a spellbook. the spellbook, esp at lower levels, allows them to research defensive spells on the SPOT and protect their allies.

    So my basic idea with carrying slots is:
    Offer one High defense and low damage, slow speed weapon (Hammer/Greataxe/Greatsword, Quarterstaff, MAgic Staff)
    Offer one low defense, high damage and fast speed combo (Two weapons, daggers/unarmed, wands)
    and Offer one Medium Defense and Attack, Medium Speed combo. (WEapon/Shield, ???, Wand/Spellbook)

    An example follows:

    Would be maybe 30th level armor, with 2 medium slots (on either shoulder) and 1 large slot (in the direct middle)

    Would be the same armor with 2M shock-resistant gems in the shoulders and 1L lightning-body gem in the middle.
    (Obviously they won't be made in paint when they're real)
    (BTW that's an armor stolen from MS... shh don't tell anyone)
    Yes, I like that idea.

    Consider the level 100 CliCa weapon 'Sword of Aeons'.
    95-105 dmg, 5 G slots.
    Equipped slots:
    Stone of Bo (+20 Str)
    Stone of Ku (+20 Dex)
    Stone of Wa (+20 Int)
    Stone of Ka (+10 HP)*
    Stone of Mi (+10 MP)*

    Equipping these slots in this order creates the 'Godly Sword' effect, doubling the slotted weapon's range. (Note that ALL of the items described above are more rare than getting all five of those Exodia cards or whatever).

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