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    Post  Nemo on Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:32 am

    These are the two definitions i could find for what clic is.

    Cliche Crusade will be a 2d MMORPG within a 3d world, not unlike Paper Mario.

    Many ideas will be incorporated, including the belief that all characters should have the same stats as they level, the only difference being what skills they decide to train and master. Teamwork will be the main idea, with an innovative click-and-target system combined with 2d, but still gorgeous, combat.

    Many abilities will be able to target any object, player, or enemy, such as Stasis, which holds a target still no matter where it is, or Toss, which throws a target up, forwards, or backwards.

    In addition, abilities will be able to combine on the fly for interesting, fun, and tactically advantageous attacks. Consider combining 'Toss' on a cloaker and then 'Stasis' while the cloaker is in mid-air, creating a hovering, ground-immune bombardment.

    Consider some more ideas:

    'Launch', a dragoner ability to leap off the screen to plummet straight down with a devastating crash, and 'Gravtwist', causing the 'Launch'ed dragoner to crash into any targeted foe.

    'Launch' and 'Stasis' to create a humanoid Stalagtite which can fall from off-screen at any time in a PvP combat situation.

    'Toss' and 'Gravtwist' to throw healing items with precision accuracy towards needy party members.

    It is also,   a massively multiplayer two dimensional platforming action role playing game. Players fight and gain experience in real time, relying not only on the proper timing and usage of their abilities, but also the proper placement of their character to assure enemies are within their chosen ability's range. Puzzling aspects will be less common than fights in the global world, but much more frequent in the randomly spawning dungeons and epic party/guild quests, where they will be necessary to navigate through to succeed, and for epic loot. Cliche Crusade is heavily focused on party play, so much that approximately half of player skills will affect their allies.

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