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    Post  Nemo on Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:13 pm

    Cloaker/Sneaker -
    Doubles : P/P : Alchma - Poison master - not all harmful
    Y/Y : Jaila - stun, crowd control
    B/B : Agea - aoe slow long range, ice buff on weapons
    O/O : Flowa- multiple hits, fire buff on weapons
    R/R : Trapa- sets arcane traps, and summons turrets?
    G/G : Throwa: long ranged earth based attacks like arrow eruption
    InterCombos :
    P/B : Seea: long range unholy magic, able to scry?
    P/O : leacha: close range unholy magic, life drain
    P/R : Forma: smoke cloud, ghost attacks, summon attacks*
    P/G : Canca: Over growth, corruption dot Y/B : Feilda- scrying, precise ranged holy magic long range, and protection
    Y/O : inquisata- single target dmg, good at getting body parts for guilds
    Y/R : blasta- pure holy dmg
    Y/G : thunda: bring down the thunder, lightning magic long range
    B/P : Sucka: drains health, speed, and other stats
    B/Y : Cura: small ice dmg, uses cures like esuna and the such
    B/R : Coola: slows, aoe short range ice dmg
    B/G : Frosta: ground based ice attacks, permafrost
    O/P : chemica: mixes potions and things like greek fire or healing potions
    O/Y : Pharmica: mixes fast acting healing potions, bonus to stats but debuff after
    O/R : Clona: spark clones that hit fast but light
    O/G : Guna: long ranged fire attacks
    R/P : Invisa: suprise attacks, sneak attacks, invisible weapons
    R/Y : Magica: good at killing mages weak against melee
    R/B : Sensa: able to track enemies, ranged magic attack, higher rare drop rate
    R/O : Picka: long range pick pocketing, able to put things into enemies, like magic explosions
    G/P : Makea: able to makes poisons that can be thrown
    G/Y : Hearder: shoots random colored sheep to attack enimies, color changes effect, skills effect chance of certain colors comeing out
    G/B : flowera: summons flowers haver differing effects, like pointing way to goal
    G/O : marka: able to find and locate berried treasure, and secret dungeons
    *single attacks like shots small ghosts or daemon swings its sword
    Sneaker/Smasher -
    Doubles :
    P/P : Moba: poison thrown weapons, repeating crossbows
    Y/Y : Hooda(like robinhood): defbuff, and crippling nonleathal ranged attacks
    B/B : Snipa: long ranged single target
    O/O : Swindla: close range multi pickpocket
    R/R : Miraga: able to look like specific enemies and use there attacks
    G/G : neta: long range disabling
    InterCombos :
    P/B : Killa: high dmg, low health, single target
    P/O : bruta: high dmg, low health, multi hit
    P/R : specila: specialist in killing certain enemies, favored enemies
    P/G : exuda: exudes poison, poison aura
    Y/B : targeta: good at targeting and disabling one person
    Y/O : tazora: multiple hit enemy crippling
    Y/R : wreka: good at crippling and debuffing certain enemies making them easier to hit increase in dmg
    Y/G : brawla: close combat specialist, stat effect on enemies
    B/P : hikea: strong attacks but able to move around very mobile
    B/Y : defenda: able to summon chest high walls, in places they can see
    B/R : tracka: able to see where certain enemies are on the world map
    B/G : mova: able to move fast through ground, pop up shock wave range
    O/P : rapida: multi hit lots of attacks weak
    O/Y : reflecta: able to reflect and counter attacks and throw back ranged attacks
    O/R : lucka: greater chance of getting rare drops form certain enemies
    O/G : sapa: able to steal while doing dmg
    R/P : counta: counter attack, buffs to reacting dmg
    R/Y : hilucina: makes enemies hallucinate, buffing def, cause fear
    R/B : disapera: makes one enemy disappear for a while
    R/O : confusa: using dancing and illusions to confuse enemies to attack each other G/P : comanda: long range high dmg, shoot throw people
    G/Y : rapida: mid range, lots of attacks little dmg, repeating crossbow type thing
    G/B : reapa: areal attack one hit, high dmg
    G/O : artila: long range aoe
    Smasher/Cloaker -
    Doubles :
    P/P : Posessa: gains undead traits, gain undead strength through possession
    Y/Y : Clerica: holy magic, high def, moderate attack and magic, strpreist actually functional
    B/B : icea: freezes one target, ice hits
    O/O : wavea: shoots wave of fire
    R/R : bladea: spell blade cast magic through hitting
    G/G : roota: roots him self so he cant be moved, uses vine wips
    InterCombos :
    P/B : shata: chance to freeze and shatter, low dmg
    P/O : melta: chance to carbonize people, low dmg
    P/R : kensa: bounds with type of weapon, increases dmg, and stats when using type weapon, minuses when using other type
    P/G : cluba: can not equip weapons that are not nature based, uses some heal and nature magic
    Y/B : glacia: defends aginst ice, water, and earth attacks
    Y/O : lava: defends against fire lava, lightning elemental attacks, weak against ice and water type attacks and earth
    Y/R : warda: defense against magic, weak against nature attacks attacks
    Y/G : natureala: defense against nature weak against magic
    B/P : detha: kill and rase convert one enemy to work for you
    B/Y : stalla: low dmg, high heal self only
    B/R : crossa: shoots magic crossbow bolts
    B/G : treea: able to polymorph one person into a tree
    O/P : exploda: makes corpse explode, poison gas
    O/Y : patcha: aoe heals weaker though
    O/R : missilea: shoots magic missile, and teeth
    O/G : tiea: uses roots to tie people down
    R/P : curupta: corrupts the holy and the good
    R/Y : radianta: slays undead
    R/B : judicata: slays agents of chaos
    R/O : Wilda: slays and mess the law
    G/P : ripa: rots bodies with a touch
    G/Y : gropa: heals people with a touch (bandaids anyone?)
    G/B : snowa: uses ice based fists, clod breath
    G/O : flama: uses flame based fists, fire breath.

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